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Kokoro Hotel Renovation Going Well リノベーション順調に進行中!

Spectacular view of Hakuba Three Peaks from Kokoro Hotel
View of Happo and Hakuba Three Peaks from Kokoro
View of Happo and Goryu from Kokoro

We are pleased to announce that Hakuba Mominoki Hotel will be managing and operating Kokoro Hotel Hakuba in Happo from Winter 2019. The renovation is going well at Kokoro Hotel opening on December 14th in the heart of Happo Village!

Situated in the heart of Happo Village, Kokoro Hotel Hakuba is a comfortable 27-room hotel with ski lifts, restaurants and shops all at your doorstep. Kokoro Hotel Hakuba is located only a 10 minute-walk to Happo Nakiyama ski slopes. Shuttle buses to various ski resorts can also be accessed from Happo Information Center, located only a 3 minute-walk away.  Onsite facilities at Kokoro Hotel Hakuba include an indoor onsen, Izakaya Paikaji which serves a variety of traditional Japanese meals & drinks, laundry facilities, dry rooms and reception for onsite assistance.

We looking forward to welcoming you to the splendid new place soon!

Booking is now open for 2019-2020 Winter.

Kokoro Hotel は白馬樅の木ホテルのグループホテルとして、この冬より八方の中心地にて運営を開始します。12月14日のグランドオープンに向け、リノベーションが順調に進んでおります。ホテル内には27の洋室とモダンな和室、居酒屋「ぱいかじ」、バー、ランドリーなどがございます。



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