Activities in Hakuba

Situated in the breathtakingly beautiful Northern Japan Alps, Hakuba stands out as one of Japan’s top winter resort areas, offering some of the best winter sports action in Japan. The host of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, Hakuba comprises nine ski resorts stretched across a broad valley, and provides more terrain, vertical rise and advanced ski and snowboard slopes than anywhere in Japan. Abundant snow falls and excellent powder conditions make Hakuba a perennial top choice of skiers and snowboarders from around the world.

Hakuba Mominoki Hotel

9 Resorts. 135 Lifts. Over 200 Runs.

For more than 70 years, Hakuba has been providing skiers, boarders and outdoor enthusiasts the ideal conditions for enjoying a superlative winter sports experience. Over 200 different trails, exceptional powder and some of the longest vertical skiing in Japan are just a few of the reasons why Hakuba has earned its reputation as a prime destination for skiers and boarders of all levels.

Ski Resort Guide


Happo One


Happo One


Happo One (pronounced oh-neh) is Hakuba’s premier resort, located within a few minutes walk from the Mominoki Hotel. There are of course regular shuttle buses to the Gondola and further lifts from our doorstep. Happo One is particularly popular with skiers providing both advanced sections higher on the mountain, and Ideal slopes for beginiers in the “Sakka” area. 
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Hakuba Goryu and Iimori


Hakuba Goryu and Iimori


Although Iimori is technically a seperate resort, it shares a lift ticket with Goryu and Hakuba 47 and isn’t markedly separate from the Goryu side of the mountain. Experienced skiers and boarders watch for days when the challenging “Adventure course” is open from the top of the Hakuba 47 Quad-lift down to Iimori, but for the less adventurous, the bottom section of Goryu and Iimori resorts are ideal for learning. Watch out for public holidays though, this popular resort can get quite crowded.
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Hakuba 47 is clearly visible across the valley from Happo One. It is popular with snowboarders and hosts one of the only parks in the valley with a halfpipe as well as jumps for both beginers and advanced skiers and boarders. Hakuba 47 shares a lift ticket with the neighbouring Goyru and Iimori resorts. As it has a slightly more northern orientation than the other resorts, it is usually the last resort to have top-to-bottom skiing late in the season.
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Hakuba Iwatake


Hakuba Iwatake


Iwatake proudly boasts one of the most breath taking views of the Northern Alps’ Hakuba 3 peaks, including a 360°panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. All 15 courses have their own unique features. For those who wish to take a break from Skiing or are just looking for a relaxing activity, Hakuba Iwatake also offers a snowshoe course at the top of the resort. Here, you can enjoy a relaxing stroll with 3000m class peaks of the Northern Alps towering above you.
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Tsugaike is technically in Hakuba’s neighbouring town, Otari, but is often talked of as one of Hakuba’s “Big 3” resorts. Boasting long, wide courses its a great choice for beginers, but also great fun for fast carved turns on the well-maintained groomers for the more advanced. Of course there’s also plenty of powder to be had and is also a popular take-off point for those taking guided tours into the back-country. Tsugaike can take 20-30 minutes in winter conditions from Hakuba.
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Hakuba Cortina


Hakuba Cortina


Until recently, Cortina was something of a hidden treasure for locals, with the highest snowfall in the valley as well as some of its steepest slopes. The secret is out though and powder hounds flock to Cortina after any hint of snowfall. After big dumps its often advisable to check on lift operation before making the trip, as extreme snowfalls have been known to bury lifts! The trip to Cortina takes around 30 minutes from Central Hakuba.
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Other Activities

Ski and Snowboard Lessons

Whether you are a beginner looking for ski/snowboard lessons to learn to link turns on the green runs, an advanced skier/snowboarder ready to take it to the park and work on your freestyle skills or somewhere in-between, our ski school offers friendly, personal and professional service. Instructors at Evergreen Outdoor Center speak fluent English, hold first aid and instructing certificates and come with glowing recommendations; as well we have instructors who speak French, Spanish and more.


Experience a world away from the crowds and lift-lines and explore the silence of Hakuba’s more removed areas on snowshoes. The Hakuba area has endless trails on mountain ridges or through old growth forests and shrines, with truly some of the best Alpine views in all of Japan. There are snowshoe full day and afternoon half day tours everyday from December 10th to the end of the season.


Ski and snowboard is not the only winter activity in Hakuba. Straddle a snowmobile and fire up the engine to accelerate your adventure in the Hakuba Valley!

Snow Rafting

Must try activity. You will never experience this in a theme park ride.

Professional driver will pull the raft boat with full throttle and just have a blast!!!
Safe and fun, minimum age to join this activity is 5 years old.





Nagano Prefecture with its plenty of nature, history and culture is a must for tourism. Take a look at the hightlights of this interesting area with a selction of tours departing from Hakuba.
Contact Mominoki Hotel to book those tours.

Hakuba Ski Jump Stadium

Japan’s most famous ski jump stadium located at the base of Happo-One Ski Resort. Hakuba hosted the Ski Jumping events for the 1998 Winter Olympic Games as well as various World Cup events. Take the chair lift and elevator to the top of the 90-meter and 120-meter jump and feel the thrill of being a ski jumper.

Matsumoto Castle

In Japan there are only four castles that have been designated as National Treasures and Matsumoto Castle is one of these. The five-storied donjon is one of the oldest castle structures extant in Japan. Construction of the main donjon began in 1592 when warlords around the country struggled for dominance. Matsumoto City Museum located next to the castle has various displays relating to archaeology, history, and folklore of the surrounding region. These exhibits vividly show the daily life and culture of the past.

Zenkoji Temple

Zenkoji Temple

Zenkoji Temple, designated a national treasure, has a history of over 1400 years and is a must see place. It is one of Japanユs most revered temples and houses the first image of Buddha brought to Japan in the 7th century. The Buddha image has been kept hidden from the public since 654 and only every six years is a duplicate of image is displayed to the public. The roof of the Main Hall is the largest hinoki-thatched roof in Japan and the streets surrounding the temple are lined with lantern lit shops and tiered roofed stalls and galleries.

Jigokudani Monkey Hot Springs

Jigokudani monkey hot springs is situated nearby Kambayashi Onsen at the base of Shiga Kogen. This unique area is home to about 200 wild monkeys who spend their days soaking in the natural hot springs, keeping warm from the harsh winter. The park was opened in 1964 and is considered to be the only place in the world to see snow monkeys bathing in the wild. With their thick fur coats, almost human-like faces, and their deep, soulful eyes, the snow monkeys have won the hearts of people worldwide.

Obuse Historical Town

Obuse is a historic town located 30 minutes outside of Nagano City, well-known for itユs chestnuts and sake, and most importantly home to the famous Japanese artist Hokusai and the museum dedicated to his works. Rare paintings and other works by the master of ukiyo-e woodblock prints, Hokusai Katsushika, are displayed in the museum. The beautifully preserved 240 years old Masuichi Sake Brewery next to the museum is also a great place to visit. Sample a glass of Sake and enjoy a traditional Japanese lunch in the breweryユs superb restaurant.

Other Tourist Information

Around Hakuba 

    • Hakuba Jump Stadium: 
      Car about 5 minutes
    • Wadano: Walk about 15 minutes
    • Shiroma: Walk about 15 minutes
    • Happo Onsen: Car about 5 minutes

    • Aoni: Car about 15 minutes

Nearby Attractions


  • Zenkoji Temple: Car about 60 minutes
    • Azumino: Car about 50 minutes
    • Togakushi Jinja: Car about 60 minutes
    • Sea of Japan: Car about 60 minutes


Ski Resort

    • Happo One: Walk about 3 minutes
    • Hakuba Goryu and Iimori: 
      Car about 8 minutes
    • Hakuba47: Car about 5 minutes
    • Hakuba Iwatake: Car about 8 minutes
    • Hakuba sanosaka: Car about 10 minutes
    • Hakuba minekata: Car about 20 minutes
    • Tsugaike: Car about 20 minutes

    • Kashimayari Ski Resort: 
      Car about 18 minutes

Restaurants and Bars in Hakuba


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