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Kokoro Hotel Hakuba is located in the heart of Hakuba-Happo Ski Resort and has 27 guest rooms with one restaurant, one small bar, indoor Onsen hot springs, laundry facilities and ski dry rooms.

Guest Rooms

Kokoro Hotel Hakuba has 27 guest rooms in total and features 4 types of rooms with Alps or Mura view (village view). Please see Rooms page for details.

Large Public Baths

Guests at Kokoro can enjoy our large public bath and a sauna to sweat away your stress. All facilities open to staying guests and non-hotel guests – perfect for reviving weary travelers.

Izakaya Restaurant

Izakaya Paikaji is cozy and welcoming to those who are looking to have relaxing dinner or celebration of any special occasions with friends and family. Paikaji offers a wide range of healthy and delicious Japanese delicacies and meals, as well as various traditional drinks including Japanese Sake and Shochu cocktails.

Laundry Facility and Free Wifi

For guests who have longer stay durations, Kokoro offers a laundry facility. Also all guest rooms and public areas in the hotel are equipped free Wifi access points.


Our staff are happy to assist you with ski rentals, popular restaurants and bars in town. Lift passes to various ski repasts are also sold at the reception.


A small and cozy bar to relax and chat with friends, family and other guests.


The rooftop offers panoramic view of the japan north Alps and Hakuba village. A perfect place to relax and watch the stars at night.